Our situation has grown increasingly complex as we’ve gotten older.  We have income from salaries, investment income, and rental property.  Ralph knows how it all fits together and what we need to do to keep our taxes straight.  I value his knowledge and accuracy.”

Susan L.

Our Testimonials

I have worked with Ralph for many years.  We have income that comes from both salary and 1099 earnings.  Ralph is able to keep us organized and explains options we have with certain filing items.  He is friendly and easy to work with.
                                                                                Paul S.

I am a private business owner.  Several years ago we ran into trouble with our tax filings.  I wasn’t sure what steps to take or even how to do things correctly going forward.  Ralph was able to clear up the things I did wrong and get us on the right path.  He has been a true professional.
                                                                                Larry J.

Professional Tax Services in the Monroeville area​

Ralph has been our tax preparer for over a decade.  We have found that he is able to make seemingly complex issues simple for us.  We don’t keep up with tax code changes.  Ralph does and he always lets us know what the changes mean to us and how they will impact us.  I recommend Ralph to anyone who is looking for a tax pro.
                                                                                Jim L.


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