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About ​Ralph Powell?


​​The cost of not completing your taxes correctly can be far greater than hiring the right company to help you.  ATP provides professional services for a cost that is very competitive compared to large, regional and national firms. We don't charge for every line or page on your tax return like most of our competitors. Our fee is almost always less than the large chains.


​​There is great complexity to the tax code and many people do not feel equipped to complete all of their tax preparation obligations on their own.  Some may feel software can do the job, but clients of ATP appreciate a personal touch and someone to bounce ideas off of.

Ralph Powell is Principal Owner of Affordable Tax Preparation.  Ralph has been performing tax services for decades.  As a private business owner with years of experience he is keenly aware of the need to understand your personal situation and provide excellent service.

With a degree in Business Administration from Penn State University Ralph’s experience includes owning and operating R.P. Associates, a regional food brokerage firm providing service to regional and national supermarkets and grocery stores.  Ralph employed a staff that sold and services the retail outlets for over 20 years before selling his business and retiring from the brokerage business. 

Ralph’s next venture began when he acquired a regional Real Estate Agency, Shiring and Co.  Through Shiring, Ralph managed multi-tenant properties and had a staff of brokers and agents that sold single and multi-family dwellings in the Pittsburgh area. 

During the time that Ralph ran both of these operations he continued to offer tax services to a select clientele and has many clients that have been with him for many years.  Finally, in 2015, Ralph decided to focus solely on his tax business as it brings him back to his first passion in business.



ATP provides hands on, thorough, high quality tax preparation that allows you to have peace of mind that you’ve done everything you need to, but not more to meet your tax obligations. All returns are computer generated and electronically filed.

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